Display the right chords next to the song you play

Piano Chords Assistant

Access to unlimited songs (load any webpage available online)

Chords and Scales displayed on piano keyboards

Chord inversions for easier finger positions

Play Chords on tap – authentic grand piano sounds

Quick Preview Chords using 3d Touch

Save and load songs (address + chords)

learn to play chords with

Piano Chords Assistant

Piano Chords Assistant helps you play your favorite songs by showing you the chords you choose.

Piano Chords Assistant displays chords and scales next to your favorite songs for helping you easily identify what notes to play on your piano!

Open any web page you like, choose the chords you need and start playing them on the piano in seconds.

Varying from children songs to pop, rock, folk, classical songs, there are a lot of great websites that show you what chords you should play.

In the chords area you can:

– 3D Touch a chord to have a quick glance at it

– tap a chord to listen to it

– long press a chord to edit/delete it

– also add scales

If you know the scale for the song, add it to the screen and try playing with your right hand only notes from that scale along with the chords.

Whenever a chord is not familiar to you, just add it to the screen and know how to play it at a glance. It Is That Simple!

Choose the location of the chords area: bottom/right

Hide the chords area when you don’t need it.

Choose the best chord inversion that allows you to switch faster from a chord to the next one. The purpose is to easily move your fingers to play the next chord.

Have Fun!

1. This application allows loading of internet pages without any parental filtering (this is why it is rated 17+)
2. The chords and scales can be rendered while offline. Loading the external webpages songs, requires an internet connection